Vantage Hearth Vent Free Gas Logs by FMI Products

Vantage Hearth Vent-Free Gas Logs

The Magniflame Series boasts a triple burner to achieve the look of a real wood fire! The Magniflame burner is cantilevered to produce tall flames that will not be dwarfed by its massive 19" high logs, the tallest in the industry.  Indoor vent-free models feature two burners of bright yellow flames, plus the lower burner for the glowing ember bed.  Outdoor vented models feature two burners of bright yellow flames, stainless steel chassis and grate, and an optional lava rock flame bed at its base.  Southern Comfort models are available in either Large or Extra Large sizes.

The Blaze n‘ Glow series offers you what ordinary gas logs cannot.... the beauty and convenience of gas logs combined with the heating characteristics of a radiant vent- free heater. Vantage Hearth's Rocky Mountain Oak Vent-Free Gas Log Heater features a unique slanted burner system that offers the most glow and realistic yellow flames in the industry. The multi-log design is available in 18", 24" & 30" models with variable manual, remote "ready" or thermostat controls. The burner system also comes standard with the "Auto-Light" Easy Ignition System.

The Tri-Flame Series brings a remarkable new technology to the field of vent-free gas logs. To duplicate the look of a real wood fire, these models include a glowing, coal bed at its base. The bright, glowing coals and flickering embers are achieved through the use of two unique technologies. The Tri-Flame burner offers the unusual feature of an additional row of flames behind the logs. The result is a distinctive appearance with a very deep flame pattern. The Rugged Stack is available in 18", 24" & 30" sizes. Just combine a burner system with a log set.